Alfred was bored. B. O. R. E. D. He couldn’t help himself, really. How could his father stand to be in all these boring meetings all the time over where the best places to defend their underwater kingdom would be? He wanted to go out with some of his demigod brothers and go on a quest or something, but nooooo, prince of the sea had to stay inside. A sigh escaped his lips and his mother looked at him sharply before returning back to the maps in front of him. Alfred couldn’t help but stick his tongue out at her, which made his brother snort in amusement in the otherwise silent room.
Alfred, or as the humans called him, Triton, was the son of the sea god Poseidon, whose real name was Berwald, and the queen of the sea, Amphrodite, who was, in fact, a guy and named Tino. Humans got a lot of the genders wrong; case in point his brother Matthew, was pissed that they worshiped him as the goddess, Despoine (he was a freaking GOD of fertility. NOT A GODDESS!) … And Alfred’s thoughts were wandering again. Ugh. Couldn’t he and some of the other mermen go hunting the telchines? He and Antonio, Francis, and Gilbert always got a lot of them, and sometimes they even got awesome spoils of war! But this tactical stuff? Mattie was much better than him at this!
Tap. Tap. Tap.
Tino’s eye twitched as Alfred started tapping his pen against the table in front of him.
Tap. Tap. Tap.
Matthew glanced up at him with an annoyed look. He never could take much of Alfred’s annoying habits.
Tap. Tap. Tap.
Berwald sighed. “Fine, Alfred, you and Matthew can go.” Alfred almost jumped for joy. He was finally out of this mind-numbingly dull meeting! He decided to go find Antonio and Gilbert and Francis today instead of his demigod brothers. He knew Euphemus was off on some quest and he couldn’t help his brothers already on quests.
“Thanks dad! I’ll be back before nightfall, okay? I promise!” That was one promise that wouldn’t be kept. He couldn’t help but rush out the door after that in case his dad changed his mind.
He barely heard Matthew say, “If you don’t mind, I’ll stay here and-“ That’s all that Alfred heard before he was out in the open water. Today was a beautiful day under the sea! Alfred always loved it when it rained topside. It made looking up at the sky so beautiful. When he found his friends’ house empty, he sighed as he remembered they had school and they wouldn’t be out for HOURS.
Biting his lip, Alfred thought, ‘Well, Dad says I can’t go out by myself, but what does he know? I’ll be back before he knows I’m gone!’
And with that thought he turned and swam out of the underwater city and towards the surface of the water.
With that thought, he sealed his fate.
Arthur sighed as he swirled the goblet in his hands, watching the amber liquid slosh up the sides. He’d already had far too much for his own good, but he just couldn’t stop! This bloody weather was a nuisance! Always storming and whatnot. And the sea! Even when it wasn’t storming the waves were high and dangerous. He’d lost two of his men this week. TWO! Any more and he’d have to dock in the nearest town and get new men from there! This had to stop!
In his, er, slightly soused state, Arthur had a bright idea. To kidnap a god. Why not? It would solve the problem of the ocean and weather if he were to hold them for ransom, saying that he would kill or torture them unless he got fair weather and calm seas. Really, was it too much to ask? He'd prayed for it. The gods hadn't answered, maybe it was time to take a more practical approach. He could see it now. A god in his hands, and he could do anything, but how to contain it? He could keep it in the gallows, but what was to prevent it from escaping? No, he needed something better.
Well... there was that one chest.
A while back, they had taken a ship of what looked to be demigods (ten of them, in fact) who had weapons that wouldn’t cut the pirates, so they were unable to defend themselves. The demigods, under torture, had said that the weapons only cut monsters and could hurt gods, and they proved it because they used the weapons to cut the demigods into pieces. Fun times!
Maybe that was why the gods were angry with them now. Oh well. That would be rectified soon enough. His spirits considerably lightened, the pirate captain put a cork in the alcohol jug and he slipped into his hammock, dreaming of ways to catch himself a god.



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